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Preformed Cavity Tray Units

SCP offers a complete system solution for cavity tray work, providing a full range of standard preformed cavity tray units and specials. Easy to install for awkward details while maintaining continuity of the damp proofing and thereby reducing the risk of leakage paths by site forming. The standard units are designed to cater for 50 and 75mm cavity widths and allow for a 150 or 225mm drop within the cavity. They also include junctions for the intersection between below ground tanking systems where bituminous membranes should not be subjected to load. Roof Abutment Tray

An Advisory Design Service is available to Specifiers and end users that can provide drawings for correct detailing and application for all aspects of the Cavity Tray System in accordance with current British Standards. These details include below ground tanking systems up to roof level and any special units required by design, such as protrusions within the cavity caused by columns, pipe penetrations etc.

Window HeadWhen used in accordance with normal good building practice, the DPC Cavity Tray System will satisfy all the requirements of BS 8102, BS 5628 part 3 and BS 8000 and is fully compatible with all building materials with which it is likely to come into contact with during the normal course of construction.

We work closely with D-Sign Ltd, who have over 20 years experience of working within the construction industry and have developed a level of expertise in dpc installation that is unrivalled within the construction industry.


The DPC Cavity Tray System is joined using double sided bitumen tape or contact adhesive and can be used in conjunction with a unique joint support system to provide ease of jointing.

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