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SCP Membranes are manufactured from high quality materials and are specifically developed to suit a variety of uses.

SCP offer an advisory/design service to specifiers on the use and application for all our Waterproofing Systems. Our national team of Technical Sales Engineers are available to liaise with site personnel to discuss and advise on your specific requirements.

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Dual Seal Bentonite/HDPE Waterproofing Membrane

Descriptiondual seal

Dual Seal is a high performance self swelling, self healing waterproofing membrane comprising of a thick, tough, high density polyethylene sheet laminated to 4kg/m2 of quality Bentonite granules. The Bentonite used in the manufacture of Dual Seal is capable of repeated cycles of wetting and drying without deterioration of its sealing properties and has a life expectancy measured in thousands of years (BBA Certified). It has WRAS approval for use with potable water.


Dual Seal waterproofing membrane has been specifically developed for use as a high performance waterproofing membrane to provide a totally watertight barrier in below ground concrete construction, including basements, underground car parks, plant rooms, access tunnels etc.

Dual Seal Membrane can be installed in damp conditions and is, therefore, particularly suitable for use as a roof waterproofing system for earth covered potable water reservoirs.

For more information click here for our Datasheet or our Installation Guide.


  • Provides a totally watertight barrier which is 10 times greater than concrete
  • Resistance to Hydrostatic head of water of 46m
  • Can be applied immediately shutters are struck to wet surface/green concrete
  • Can be installed in damp conditions
  • Prevents tracking of water between membrane and concrete surfaces
  • Surface does not require priming
  • Installation temperature -30°C to +50°C
  • Easily installed by non-skilled operatives
  • Non-toxic
  • Eliminates need for separate protection board
  • Does not require welding
  • In excess of 5,000,000m2 successfully installed worldwide
  • U.K. Water Fitting Byelaws Scheme Listed for use with potable water


HDPE Thickness: 0.5mm
Total membrane Thickness: 5mm
Roll Width: 1.22m
Roll Length 7.32m
Coverage per roll (allowing 50mm overlaps): 8.59m2

Technical Data

Physical properties Value Test Method
Tensile Strength:Membrane N/mm2 27.50 N/mm2 ASTM D412
% Elongation at Break 700% D638 Type
Puncture Resistance 43kg FTMS 101B
Resistance to Hydrostatic Head (Metre of Water) 46m ASJM D751 method a
Resistance to micro organisms
(bacteria, fungi, mould, yeast)
U.K. Water Fittings Byelaws Scheme listed for use with potable water


Contact SCP whenever conditions of acid, alkali or salt brines exist. Do not apply in standing water, over snow or ice.

Bitusheet XL Self Bonding Waterproofing Membrane

SCP BitusheetDescription

Bitusheet XL waterproofing membrane consists of a self bonding polymer modified bitumen which is covered on one side by a tough multiply cross laminated polythene film and protected on the other side by a release sheet which is removed prior to the bonding of the material on to a suitably prepared substrate. Once the release sheet has been removed the membrane can be easily applied by roller pressure. Available in Temperate and Hot Climate grades, incorporating a 50mm selvedge on one edge to form homogenous overlap joints.


BitusheetBitusheet XL is intended for use as a self bonding vertical or horizontal damp proof membrane in tanking below ground structures, subways and retaining walls.




Rubber Bitumen thickness 1.4mm Roll length 19.05m
Polythene backing 0.1mm Roll weight 34kg
Total thickness 1.5mm Area of roll 20m2
Roll width 1050mm Overlap Edge 50mm with selvedge
End 100mm

Technical Details

  Test Typical Result
ASTM D146 Low temperature pliability Better than - 5°C
ASTM D2240 Durometer hardness type A 60
ASTM E154 Puncture resistance 220N
ASTM D1228 Water absorption (2 hours) 0
ASTM D471 Water absorption (670 hours at 70°F) 0.12%
ASTM D1191 Slump on 90° gradient 6 hours @ 70°C 0
ASTM E96 Water vapour transmission 25°C.75% rh
0.20 g/m2 per day
ASTM D1004 Tear strength Longitudinal 4.2N/mm2
  Tear strength Transverse 4.8N/mm2
ASTM D638 Tensile strength Longitudinal
Tensile strength Transverse
ASTM D638 Compound Elongation 1300%
ASTM D638 Elongation at break 210%
ASTM D573 Percentage change in elongation after
heat ageing at 70°C.
Dimensional Stability (2 weeks at 60°C)
Longitudinal 0.1%
Transverse -0.2%
Bond strength of self 30 N/cm
Bond strength to primed concrete 20N/cm
BS 2782    
Method 320 Membrane strength 50 N/cm
MOAT 5.1.4 Water penetration at joint 0%

British Board of Agrément Certified No. 94/3048.

Bitusheet Gas Barrier Self Adhesive Membrane

gas membraneDescription

Bitusheet Gas Barrier Membrane is a high density polyetheylene sheeting laminated to aluminium foil coated with a self adhesive bitumen/polymer compound, and includes a polyester film to give improved puncture resistance.


Bitusheet Gas Barrier Membrane is designed for use as a cold applied flexible membrane to provide a barrier to Methane and Radon gases. Incorporating a 50mm selvedge on one edge to form homogenous overlap joints.
Bitusheet Gas Barrier Membrane is designed for use as a cold applied flexible membrane to provide a barrier to Methane and Radon gases. Incorporating a 50mm selvedge on one edge to form homogenous overlap joints. Bitusheet Gas Barrier Membrane may be laid onto concrete blinding or directly onto compacted sand blinding with the longitudinal and end overlaps sealed.


Rubber Bitumen thickness 0.875mm
Polythene backing/Aluminium foil 0.125mm
Total thickness 1.0mm
Roll Width 1050mm
Roll length 28.6m
Roll Weight 36kgs
Area per roll 30m2
Overlap Edge & Ends 150mm
Overlap End 150mm

Technical Details

Backing Type HDPE/Aluminium Laminate    
Membrane Strength BS2782 Method 320 N/cm 45
Elongation BS2782 Method 320 % 90
Puncture Resistance ASTM E154 N 250
Adhesive 180 peel ISO/R527 N/cm 36
Water Vapour Permeability ASTM E96 g/m2/24h <0.01
Methane Gas Permeability Wimpey Environmental ml/m2/24h <0.03
Water Penetration % Joint MOAT 5.1.4.   Nil
Dimensional Stability MOAT 5.1.6. (70C) %  
Longitudinal     0.0
Lateral     0.0
Radon gas permeability NRPB m2/sec 5 x 10–14

Bitusheet Liquid Asphaltic Compound


Bitusheet Asphaltic Compound is a damp proof solution, used in two coats to provide a damp proof membrane in solid floors or for protecting foundations, retaining walls, abutments, beams, lintels and similar structures against moisture and attack from sulphates contained within the soil.


Bitusheet Asphaltic Compound is suitable for application to a variety of substrates including concrete,masonry, steel and similar surfaces, and provided it is protected from mechanical damage, provides a waterproof flexible membrane.

For more information click here for our Datasheet.

Bitusheet Heavy Duty Membrane Protection Board


Bitusheet HD Protection Board is a tough, flexible polymeric board specifically developed for protecting the Bitusheet range of self adhesive waterproofing membranes, against mechanical damage, foot and normal site traffic and abrasive backfill materials. Due to its high strength and excellent puncture resistance the Bitusheet HD Protection Board exceeds the performance of thicker protection boards. It can be easily cut and shaped on site.


Bitusheet HD Protection Board is designed for both horizontal and vertical applications to protect Bitusheet Waterproofing Membranes against abrasive backfill materials, and poured concrete. The board should be butt jointed and supported during backfilling. Bitusheet Double Sided Tape or SCP Joint Filler Adhesive should used to spot bond the protection board to the membrane. The joints should be staggered, and also staggered over the membrane laps. Butt joints should be overtaped to prevent fines being washed through onto the membrane.

For more information click here for our Datasheet.

Aquatek Super


Aquatek Super is a Cement-based hybrid slurry coating for the waterproofing of concrete which waterproofs by acting as a water-repellent coating and pore blocking through the saturation of the capillaries.


Aquatek Super is a waterproof and protective coating for concrete. It is suitable for application under positive or negative water pressure, both below and above ground. Basements, underground structures, water reservoirs, water tanks, water treatment plants, tunnels, swimming pools, canals, conduit pipes, ponds etc. can be permanently sealed with Aquatek Super.

For more information click here for our Datasheet.

SCP Accessories

Dual Seal Mastic

Dual Seal Granules

Bitusheet XL Tape

Bituflex Fillet

Bitusheet Primer

Bitusheet Mastic

Bitusheet Mastic

Bitusheet Mastic Filler is a bituminous mastic of trowelling consistency.


For the filling of cracks in concrete prior to carrying out full waterproofing treatments with materials such as Bitusheet waterproof membrane. Also used for sealing of exposed edges, bolt holes, general gap filling and fixing Bituflex fillet and Bitusheet protection boards. Ensure the surface is clean, free from loose matter and dry. Apply the mastic with a trowel, filling crack completely. Bed the Bituflex fillet into the mastic while still tacky. Allow to dry before applying membrane.

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