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Plyload DPC / Cavity Tray System is a high performance polymeric flexible sheet DPC membrane, designed to provide a total waterproofing solution to the diverse details required within the damp proofing of brick / block, stonework, or concrete for both solid and cavity wall construction. Plyload provides excellent tensile strength, elongation and low temperature flexibility and is resistant to compression under the heaviest of loadings, whilst remaining flexible and easy to handle.

Joint Support System

Joint Support SystemWhere it is required to join DPC to DPC or cavity tray preformed units the sloping surface across the cavity must always be supported to ensure a positive bond between the surfaces to be joined. British Standard 5628 part 3 specifies this requirement. The simplicity of the Joint Support System enables joints to be made efficiently, quickly and the DPC is correctly positioned providing a 5mm projection of DPC from the outer brick face meeting British Standard recommendations.

Technical Data

Performance Test Data Test Result
Tensile Strength BS 2782 M320A (100mm/min.) MD -12.9 N/mm-2 / TD - 11.2 N/mm-2
Elongation at Break BS 2782 M320A (100mm/min.) MD - 415% / TD - 582%
Tear Strength BBA Method
(Supercedes BS 2782 M260B: 1980)
MD -122N/mm-1 / TD - 96N/mm-1
Water Absorption BS 2782 M430A (after 7 days) 0.22%
Water Vapour Transmission BS 3177 (75% R.H. 25oC) 733MNsg-1
Static Indentation MOAT 27 5.1.9 Pass - L4
Low Temperature Flexibility BS 2782 M150B MOAT 27; 5.4.2 Pass - 60oC

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