Our range of Drainage Systems are designed to be compatible with other products and solve drainage problems on site.

They are easy to install and manufactured to a high standard.

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Slab Drain Cavity Void Former
Wall Drain


SCP Roof Drain Horizontal Drainage System


Roofdrain Horizontal Drainage System comprises of a perforated high density polyethylene core studded on one side and smooth on the other faced with a non woven geotextile filter fabric. The studs form a free flowing core and the filter fabric together with the perforated core, allows rapid dispersion of surface water without sediment blockage.


Roofdrain has been specifically developed for use on earth covered reservoirs to provide free drainage of water whilst preventing sediment blockage of the drain and eliminating the need for aggregates.


Roll size:     1m x 50m
Thickness:  12mm

Technical Data

Core H.D.P.E.
Chemical/Bacteria Not affected
Mass/Unit Area 800 g/m2
Crush Strength 100Kn/m2
Water Flow 0.26 Litre/m/sec
(Gradient 0.1%)  
Geotextile Typar 3407
Tensile Strength 7.44 Kn/m
Puncture Resistance 1270 N
Permeability 100 L/m2/s
Poresize 160 Micron
Entry Head 0mm

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