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Wall Drain

SCP Wall Drain



Walldrain consists of a preformed lightweight plastic core bonded to a geotextile filter. The filter was specially developed to permit free entry of water, but not soil, and so prevent soil particles from clogging the drainage system. Walldrain is designed to be placed with the geotextile filter layer facing the direction of water seepage or backfill. Walldrain can be applied against waterproofing membranes or directly against the masonry/concrete substrate.


Walldrain relieves hydrostatic pressure against the vertical walls of buried structures - basements, retaining walls, reservoirs, tunnels, bridge abutments, culverts and underground car parks. Walldrain provides a second line of defence to channel seepage water away from the structure and is designed to fully comply with the requirement of type 'C' design BS 8102.

Walldrain Roll Sizes: 12m 1m x 50m
25mm 0.9m x 50m
Stripdrain Roll Sizes: Section 25mm x 125mm
Roll length 50m

Technical Specification

Core Thickness 12mm 25mm
In plane water flow (HG = 1.0) 41/s/m 16/l/s/m
In plane water flow (HG = 0.01) 0.26l/s/m 0.54/l/s/m
Compressive Force at 20% compression 250KN/m2 200Kn/m2
HDPE Thickness 1.0mm 1.0mm
Chemical resistance

Unaffected by most acids and alkalis, oils,fuels, chlorides and sulphates. Same

Organic resistance Resistant to Microbiological attack Same
Application temperature range + 5oC to 50oC Same
Geotextile only    
Material High Density Polypropylene High Density Polypropylene
Type Heat bonded non woven Needle punched non-woven
Chemical resistance Not affected by acid or alkali Not affected by acid or alkali
Bacteria/Fungii Does not support growth Does not support growth
Mass/unit area 136g/m2 200g/m2
Thickness 0.46mm 2.00mm
Tensile load 8.2KN/m 12.5KN/m
Puncture resistance 1270 N 2100 N
Tear resistance 225/240N 275N
Pore size 160 micron 110 micron
Water flow 100 1/m2/sec 250 1/m2/sec
U.V resistance Good Good

Note: Stripdrain is manufactured to the same specification as 25mm Walldrain.

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